"We were looking for a place for my parents and we met Landon by chance. At that point we had been very distrustful of realtors due to a horrible experience we had a few years before. Landon turned that around after the first home we saw. We found the perfect place for them and they our extremely happy today. A month later we began the search for a home for us. I really felt he was on our side and he did not allow us to "just settle" for a home or push us to the more expensive home. He always seemed to be one step ahead of us and was amazingly responsive to us whenever we needed anything. We really had to fight hard to get the home of our dreams and Landon was instrumental in that fight. He never gave up until we exhausted every single avenue and even then he continued to find different ways for us to get this house. Thank you Landon for being the diamond in the rough amongst so many realtors out there!"