"I First meet Landon About a Year ago when he randomly Knocked on my Door, He was just in the neighborhood reaching out to local residents My wife and I were Discussing possibly selling our home in the near future so I kept his card. When we decided to sell, we interviewed Landon & A referral who had been with our family for over 30 years. We trusted our instincts and went with Landon. He said "No one would work harder for us than he Would" I thought that sounded a little cliche but he was right, He worked his butt off. He had two offers on the first day. The entire process went flawlessly. Landon kept us informed about every aspect of Escrow. He seemed to be available 24/7 and always responded to our tons of questions and inquiries, even when he was sick with the flu. I also really liked the fact I never saw the guy with out a Suit on, That kind of thing is important to me. Good Job Landon, Thanks for everything"